The resonant absorption, emission and scattering of light are the fundamental processes that have been used to probe matter and manipulate light itself. For the last decade there has been an essential progress in coherent control of linear and nonlinear material optical responses of various media (including atomic and molecular gases, different types of solids, composite structures, optical heterostructures, plasmas, nuclei, bio-tissue).

The conference is focused on the recent progress in the various fields of coherent interactions of laser radiation with matter resulting in control of properties of both matter and light with applications to physical systems of different origin. It covers the wide range of frequencies (from IR through optics to X-rays) and includes the following fields of research.

Topics   Contacts
Electromagnetically induced transparency  

George Welch, grw@tamu.edu

Quantum Information   Phil Hemmer, prhemmer@ee.tamu.edu
Mikhail Lukin, lukin@fas.harvard.edu
Suhail Zubairy, zubairy@physics.tamu.edu
Bose—Einstein condensates  

Vitaly Kocharovsky, vkochar@jewel.tamu.edu
Anatoly Svidzinsky, asvid@jewel.tamu.edu

Semiconductor optoelectronics  

Alexei Belyanin, belyanin@physics.tamu.edu
Vladimir Kocharovsky, kochar@appl.sci-nnov.ru

Excitons and electron-hole plasma   Leonid Butov, lvbutov@physics.ucsd.ed
Coherent nonlinear optics and spectroscopy  

Yuri Rostovtsev, rost@physics.tamu.edu

Coherent control in photonic crystal structures   Yevgeny Radeonychev,
Control of the decay processes   Gershon Kurizki, Gershon.Kurizki@weizmann.ac.il
Coherent control with a synchrotron radiation   Esen E. Alp, eea@aps.anl.gov

The 8 th AFOSR workshop on Isomers
and Quantum Nucleonics

  James J. Carroll, jjcarroll@cc.ysu.edu
Anne Matsuura, anne.matsuura@afosr.af.mil
Mini-Symposium on attosecond physics  

Mikhail Ryabikin, mike@ufp.appl.sci-nnov.ru
Alexei Sokolov, sokol@physics.tamu.edu