The accepted presentations (plenary, invited, and contributed) will be published in # 3, vol. 17, 2007 of the international journal Laser Physics. The total length of manuscripts, including figures, tables and references, is limited to twelve pages. The rules of the manuscript preparation and submission can be found on the Laser Physics web page.

Electronic copy of the manuscript should be sent to ccfp2006@lasphys.com. In addition to the electronic copy two hard copies (no e-mail versions, please) of the manuscript to be published in the Laser Physics journal should be sent by conventional mail to:

Prof. Igor V. Yevseyev
Department of Theoretical Physics
Moscow State Engineering Physics Institute
31, Kashirskoe Shosse
Moscow 115409

Electronic copy and two hard copies of the manuscripts are to be received by the Editorial Office of the journal Laser Physics in Moscow not later than on November 1, 2006.

Please, point out the number of your presentation according to the Conference Program.

Rapid publication in the journal Laser Physics Letters

Please, draw your attention to the following possibility. If you feel that your scientific result deserves rapid publication in the journal Laser Physics Letters , you can send it only by e-mail to staffeditor@lasphys.com. In case your manuscript receives positive reports of referees, its on-line version will appear two weeks after the acceptance of the paper.